Decorating Papier Mache Deer Heads

Decorating Papier Mache Deer Heads

{photo source – Spotlight}

Isn’t this display just gorgeous?

It’s amazing how many different ways there are of decorating papier mache deer heads.  That is what I love about craft, we can all start with the same product and then create something unique and personalised using our own skills and tools.

ideas for decorating papier mache

The above deer heads were all decorated by different bloggers for a recent Spotlight National Craft Month event in Melbourne.  Everyone started with one of these Shamrock Craft plain papier mache deer heads with antlers that Spotlight sent to us. There is a variety of papier mache shapes available at Spotlight but to give you an idea these retail for $24.99 each.

If you read my post last week (or saw me on the Studio 10 TV show) you’d know that I shared the deer heads on the show. I received a lot of feedback about the deer heads afterwards so I thought I’d share a little bit more information about ways to decorate them. A couple of school mums mentioned that they would like to get one to decorate in the school holidays which is a great idea. The collage above has a couple that were on display on the show and then I decorated a few more but left them at stages so that the hosts of the show could do a little crafting on live TV too! My daughters had fun helping me paint and glue these deer heads using a few fun decorating ideas which I’ll share below.

hexagon paper decorations

Using a hexagon punch and some pretty scrapbook paper we punched some shapes to then glue on to the heads. With so many paper punch shapes available and many different pretty papers this is a great way to decorate them.

decorating with gems

Glueing coloured acrylic gems onto the heads with some Gem Bond glue was a big hit with my daughters. I now have a few  extra gem covered items at my desk too which was a surprise. Thanks for that Trinity!

decorating with serviettes

While at Spotlight I noticed so many colourful serviettes which are great for glueing onto the deer heads with some Mod Podge. On one that Ita Buttrose was decorating we used the spotted serviette around the antlers. With some scissors we cut them into strips and then glued each strip around the antlers until they were all covered. Much like the traditional type of papier mache I did as a kid around a blown up balloon except using pretty coloured serviettes instead.


These pretty decoupage stickers would look beautiful on a painted deer head with some flowers as a crown and maybe some glitter to go with it.

deer head decorating ideas

Miss 7 decorated a lot of this one and had fun sticking gems on the face, beads in the ears and sprinkling glitter over some painted on glue on the tips of the antlers. Wow I had forgotten how messy glitter is, best to do this outside!

decorated deer heads

This one was painted with some Semco acrylic paint in the colour mint and then the black beads on the face are actually a sticker that was a chandelier which we just placed upside down.

Yarn bombed papier mache deer head

You can also decorate them with yarn which is called yarn bombing. It took me quite a while to decorate this head but it turned out so well. Part of the face and nose is crochet and then the rest of the face and ears was knitted i-cord. I made metres of i-cord (YouTube tutorial here) using some pretty variegated sock yarn and then wrapped it around and glued it down using some craft glue.

The antlers were covered with some more i-cord knitted in Moda Vera Bouvardia using some 5mm double pointed knitting needles. The tips of the antlers were yarn bombed in some Milford Metallic yarn using single crochet stitches. I just kept trying them on like a sock to see what size they needed to be as each one was a different size. I adjusted each one to fit so that you wouldn’t see any of the papier mache underneath.

papier mache deer heads craft ideas

{photo source – Spotlight}

My daughters are going to finish off decorating their deer heads to hang in their rooms. They really enjoyed helping me get them ready for the show and I’ve promised them we can do some more papier mache craft in the holidays as they enjoyed it so much.

Hopefully this post has given you a few more ideas of ways to decorate any kind of papier mache shape. I’d love you to send me a photo if you create any of your own. Follow me over on Instagram – my profile is @craftsmumship and tag me in your picture or send me an email I’d love to hear from you. If you’re a blogger and you decorated one of these I’d love to hear from you too and find out which one you made.

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