Knitted Water Bottle Holder Free Pattern

Knitted Water Bottle Holder Free Pattern

Netball season is nearly upon us so it’s perfect timing that I’ve finished knitting another water bottle holder.

This is a free pattern available on Ravelry called “Bishi” and is designed by the very lovely Georgie from Tikki Knits. This is the 3rd one I’ve made and is actually a replacement of this purple one I knitted back in 2014 that was sadly lost at the supermarket.

knitted water bottle holder pattern

This pattern is such a great idea. Gone are the days of me having to carry the kids water bottles around for them, now they can carry it themselves. My kids drink a lot of water so we always try and take a couple of bottles out with us as they’re sure to ask for a drink if we don’t bring one!

free water bottle holder pattern

I purchased a short 30cm Addi knitting needle in a 4.5mm to do the small circumference knitting. I felt that double pointed needles were a bit dangerous for knitting in the car and I actually prefer knitting with the small sized knitting needles and often use them for kids sleeves etc. If you’d like to know a bit more about small circumference knitting Georgie actually wrote a great blog post about it which you can read over at her blog here.

homemade water bottle carrier

It only took one ball of Debbie Bliss cotton DK in green and I knitted the whole thing on my travels to Melbourne a couple of weeks ago.

knitted water bottle carrier pattern

The strap is a much better length this time as we did as the pattern instructed and properly measured the finished length by placing a full water bottle inside the holder to measure where it would sit.

free pattern for water carrier

Now that I have the right size small knitting needles I probably make a few more of these as its a really easy pattern to make and best of all it’s quick! Have you tried it yet? Would your kids use one of these?

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