Learning How To Knit a Pretty Lace Cardigan With Set In Sleeves

Learning How To Knit a Pretty Lace Cardigan With Set In Sleeves

This cardigan has been a labour of love for me. You see I haven’t always been a knitter, as some of you know my Mum was the big knitter in the family and it wasn’t until she started to find knitting too hard, due to health reasons, that I really decided it was time for me to really learn properly. Oh I could cast on, do a knit and a purl however that was about it for a long, long time. 3 years later and many more completed projects in my Ravelry library and I can confidently call myself a true knitter.

louisa harding colline

This cardigan involved many 1st’s! It was my first lace cardigan, first time knitting with alpaca yarn, first time doing short rows and first time doing set in sleeves. Perhaps this project had too many 1st’s as it took me a long time to complete. I started back in September 2014 and there were long breaks from working on this cardigan. At Christmas I set myself some goals to finish some long standing unfinished objects (UFO’s) and I’m happy to report that I finished 3 cardigans over the Christmas holidays.

10ply knitted lace cardigan

The yarn is by Louisa Harding and is called Colline which is 80%cotton and 20% alpaca which is why we decided to photograph it with my fluffy alpacas. The yarn comes in a 100 gram hank and is 219 yards or 201 metres in length. Wow is alpaca warm. I took this cardigan with me to chilly Melbourne and it worked a treat. Amazing to feel how warm it was to wear even with all that lace and only 20% of the yarn being alpaca.

hetty cardigan by andi satterlund

The pattern is a seamless cardigan called “Hetty” and is by Andi Satterlund who has many beautiful patterns which are on my wish to knit list. It is designed for a 10ply yarn so it knits up pretty quickly if you know what you’re doing and don’t file it away somewhere for months at a time like I did. In my defence I knitted the fronts and back pretty quickly but my real knowledge sticking point was the short rows. I couldn’t get my head around them at the time so I put it down till I had more “child free” thinking time to learn how to do it properly. With 4 kids there is not much of that kind of time at my place!

Speaking of set in sleeves and short rows I found this really, really helpful tutorial by Tasha from By Gum By Golly with nice big clear pictures and it really helped me “get it”! So thank you Tasha from the bottom of my Hetty cardigans heart. xo

lace cardigan knitting pattern

I really love a 3/4 sleeve cardigan and the colour is a fantastic pink called Confiture. The zig zag lace ads a lovely feminine touch and was pretty easy to memorise. This is definitely a pattern I will knit again and I’d love to try it without the lace in a variegated yarn for a different look altogether.

Have you made a Hetty before? Or any of Andi’s other patterns? Do you like my alpacas? It was very hard to get a good picture with them!

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