Jo Sharp Short Sleeve Cardigan

knitted short sleeve cardigan

Nearly a year in the making this 5ply short sleeve cardigan has a lovely (but really big) 1×1 rib section which goes from the hips to under the bust so it became a long standing WIP that I was so proud to finally finish. Determined that this knit wouldn’t break me, I kept plodding along with it no matter how long it took.

I’ve come to realise the great thing about knitting for you yourself. You don’t (mostly) grow out of it! Of course if you lose or put on a bit of weight then that’s a different story but you don’t grow out of stuff like your kids do. All those beautiful hand knits that you poured your heart into don’t last forever when you make them for your children. Admittedly I love knitting for our eldest daughter because I know that when she grows out of it there are two more daughters waiting in line to wear it one day. So lately I’ve been making a few things for myself and loving it!

jo sharp short sleeve cardigan pattern

The yarn is some Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino yarn which as I mentioned is 5ply and the pattern is called Fitted Scoop Cardigan by Jo Sharp. You can find the Ravelry details here, the pattern is available as a digital download for $6.95

set in sleeves

A 5 piece cardigan there were 2 fronts, a back and 2 sleeves to knit separately and then sew them all together. It did remind me how much I love a seamless knitting pattern however it was a good learning experience to make a cardigan like this. I have a bit more confidence and knowledge now when it comes to sewing knits together so my mattress stitch is pretty well hidden.

debbie bliss 5ply cardigan

The back deep rib (purl 1, knit 1) section nearly broke me and it was the first part I knitted!

The Baby Cashmerino yarn does pill a little bit but I have a little “defuzzer” I can use if it gets too fluffy. I’ve knitted (and crocheted) in this yarn 20 times before and it is so beautiful and soft, perfect for baby knits. The colour range for this yarn is so amazing that I’ve made 4 toys, 4 hats, 2 other cardigans, 8 items of play food, 1 cushion and 1 dress with Baby Cashmerino before!

short sleeve cardigan pattern

The yarn was something I’d had in my stash for ages and lately I’ve been trying to really knit with what I have and not buy new yarn. Although sometimes that’s just totally impossible! Haha

I really loved the scoop neckline on this pattern and enjoy wearing a short sleeve cardigan in Autumn so it’s getting quite a bit of use.

Have you knitted a 5ply cardigan before? Has a project ever tried to break you but you persisted until it was finished?

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