Mapleton Crochet Scarf

Mapleton Crochet Scarf

I felt like giving my hands a break from knitting and making a smaller crochet project. The colours in this Katia Tempera 100% cotton yarn caught my eye so I purchased some from Lola Lovegrove at the March Stitches and Craft Show in Rosehill NSW. The colour way is number 57 and changes from lovely purple to greens with a bit of blue in-between.

pretty crochet scarf pattern

My daughters surprised me during the holidays by grabbing this scarf and my camera to take some photos for me to use on the blog to show you all the scarf. The photos, angles, light and colour are just beautiful and I’m so happy with the pics. They’ll have do do more photo shoots for me which would be great. I honestly didn’t even need to edit these photos the light they captured was just beautiful. Looks like I might have some more photographers on my hands!

easy crochet scarf pattern

This is a great crochet scarf pattern called Mapleton by Deanne Ramsay which is available on Ravelry for $6.00USD. My Melbourne friend Sandy has made a few in different colours and when she wore this one I had to ask her the pattern and write it down to add to my “wish to make” list.

decorative crochet edge

The only thing that I’m sorry about when I look at these pictures is that I hadn’t blocked the scarf yet. The pretty edge looks even prettier now that all the little loops are more visible after blocking.

crochet mapleton scarf

This scarf took two balls of yarn and there are version to make it a small scarf like this or a bigger wrap/shawl. The pattern is pretty easy to memorise so this made a great travel project and unlike knitting you don’t have to always finish at the end of a row!

variegated crochet scarf

Great little scarf to add a pop of colour or to make as a gift using some pretty 4ply yarn you have. I dare say this won’t be my one and only Mapleton. Have you made this pattern before? Do you have any great crochet scarf patterns you’ve found?

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