Watermelon Brooch DIY for Etsy Craft Party 2016

Watermelon Brooch DIY for Etsy Craft Party 2016

It’s nearly that time of year again – Etsy Craft Party time. Etsy asked me again this year to create a DIY for their annual celebration of Etsy’s global community. This year’s events take place on the 17th & 19th of June so take a look to see which event you can attend. You could even register to host your own party so check out their website for more details on ways to get involved.

Last year the theme was “Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape” and you can see here the project I came up with, which proved to be very popular. There is no theme this year, so it’s easier for you to find and celebrate the joy of creating through a craft of your own, whatever that might be. It’s all about encouraging everyone to explore and make new crafty connections.

modelling clay watermelon brooch

For this year, my Etsy Craft Party DIY Project is this super cute Watermelon brooch made using modelling clay or Fimo, which is a great product that makes it easy for anyone to make something wearable.

Here are the full instructions for you to make your own Watermelon Brooch.

Watermelon Brooch how to

1. Supplies needed –

  • modelling clay in red/watermelon pink, white, green and black
  • sharp knife
  • rolling pin
  • oval cookie cutter
  • brooch pin

2. Roll the red between the palms of your hands until all the creases are smoothed out

3. With the rolling pin, roll out the red modelling clay on a smooth surface

4. Cut out an oval shape using a cookie cutter or by hand with the knife if you don’t have one

Watermelon Brooch how to 2

5. Using the sharp knife, carefully scrape the shape off the table so that it isn’t stuck

6. Using the edge of the knife, cut a piece off the top and shape it into a half circle

7. It should start to look like a watermelon slice now

8. Clean your work surface with a dry cloth before starting to work with new colours

how to make fimo jewellery

9. Roll out a long thin sausage of white and roll it flat with your rolling pin. Cut it into a thin strip with the knife

10. Place the thin strip around the curved edge of your shape by butting it up against the red

11. Roll out a long thin sausage of green

12. Roll the sausage shape flat with your rolling pin and cut it into a thin strip the same as the white

DIY tutti frutti badges

13. Place the thin green strip next to the white one and smooth it up gently next to the other pieces

14. Using your rolling pin, roll over the complete shape

15. With the knife cut the top edge straight

16. Use the knife to smooth the top edge so that it is nice and flat

crafting with limo

17. Roll 3 very tiny pieces of black modelling clay into mini teardrop shapes and place them on the red to create little seeds

18. Roll over the entire shape once more so that the black seeds flatten out into the design

19. Gently scrape your watermelon shape off the flat surface using the knife

20. Place your modelling clay shapes into the oven on some baking paper and bake for 25 minutes at 120 degrees C or 250 degrees F

etsy craft party 2016 ideas

21. Once cooled, the modelling clay will become hard and you can use some hot glue to glue a brooch pin onto the back

how to make a watermelon brooch from modelling clay

There are so many ways you can get your craft on to celebrate Etsy’s Craft Party. Here is the link to the Craft Party held in Sydney by General Assembly and Etsy. You can also take a look at the Etsy website for more ideas on ways to get involved, like hosting a supply swap with your crafty friends, taking a walk in nature to gather supplies for a terrarium or learn something new by taking that class you’ve always thought about.

I hope you get to make something fun like these watermelon brooches and join in the Etsy celebration of meeting and making.

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