Allira Gradient Shawl

Allira Gradient Shawl

Sorry if you’re bored of knitting posts but it is Winter in Australia and there has been a lot of knitting lately. I do try to mix it up on the blog however instead of mixing it up it just meant I didn’t share anything with you last week! I have 6 more finished knitted (and crochet) projects to share with you that just need to be photographed when the weather and schedule co-operate enough so there is more to come too!

homemade scarf pattern

This pattern is called “Allira Shawl” and is another design by Ambah O’Brien that I finished in early April. I’ve made a few of her designs now and I always enjoy knitting her patterns (like this necklace, or this one and these bangles to name a few).

zig zag lace scarf

It took me a couple of months as I wasn’t happy with my yarn choice at first. I have another ball of gradient yarn from Nunnaba which is a grey to pink (called Crimson Moth) that I thought would match with the grey yarn at the top however when I had knitted some of it together I wasn’t happy. It sat around for a while as  wanted to knit from my stash but it just didn’t look right. Finally I remembered that I had ball of fuchsia gradient yarn tucked away so undid the light pink ball and started again with this colour. I’m much happier with it and I know it would have bugged me with the two greys not matching.

gradient knitted scarf

It is an easy scarf to wear and goes well with a lot of things. I like the fact it’s not too big so a great one to keep in your bag in case the weather turns colder.

homemade knitted scarf

The gradient yarn is some Freia fine handprints yarn which is 4ply or fingering weight and the colour is Cochinilla. It’s not the softest yarn but I love that it’s handpainted. You can see little specks here and there that have missed some of the colour but it all adds to the handmade charm I think. I can’t remember what the other grey yarn is, unfortunately I wound the ball ages ago and lost the label in the process.

Have you been knitting lately? There is another cold snap hitting here now so there will be a lot more knit, knit, knitting. I did move my sewing machine downstairs into the lounge room near the fire so I can keep warm whilst getting a bit of sewing done too so hopefully I’ll have some other projects to share with you soon.

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