How To Make Sequin Cushions

How To Make Sequin Cushions

A great and easy way to give your lounge room and sofa a makeover is to add new cushions. Let’s face it one can never have too many cushions and these sequin cushions really add some flair and when you follow this easy tutorial you can make them yourself at half the cost of purchased ones.

sequin fabric for cushions

We found a great selection of sequin fabric in many different colours at our local craft store and purchased a 1/2 metre of two different designs to make two all over sequined cushions. It’s easier and cheaper to make both sides of your cushion in the sequined fabric, as making them this way means that you have less seams, don’t have to use a zip or purchase different fabric for the backing.

How to make a sequin cushion

What you’ll need

  • 1/2 metre of sequined fabric
  • heavy duty or kitchen scissors
  • cushion insert (these are available in different sizes so pick whatever size you’d prefer)
  • overlocker or sewing machine
  • thread matching the colour of your fabric
  • hand sewing needle


Lay out your sequin fabric on a flat surface and place the cushion insert on top near one of the edges, then fold/wrap the fabric over the top of the cushion insert to give you an idea of what size you need to cut your fabric. It’s easier to measure it this way as opposed to using a tape measure around the cushion insert because the amount of stuffing will adjust the measurement. You want it to be full and firm around the cushion but not stretched. Cutting one long rectangular piece and wrapping the fabric over the cushion insert will mean that there will only be 3 seams instead of 4 and it will not only save you time but it will make your cushion look much prettier.

cutting sequin fabric

TIP – Do not use your good sewing scissors to cut out the sequin fabric as it will dull your blades and make it hard for them to cut normal fabric with afterwards. I used some heavy duty kitchen scissors instead.

overlocking sequin fabric

Once you’ve cut out your rectangle, place it right sides together with the long sides folded in half and then sew along those two edges first. If you have an overlocker that is great as it can be a bit tricky sewing sequined fabric due to the little plastic sequins. Sometimes they can break and blunt your needle, however I found that sewing sequined fabric on the overlocker is really easy and the overlocker cutting blade cuts through the smaller size sequins easily.

Once you’ve sewn the long sides together it’s a good idea to turn it right side out and place your cushion insert inside to check that the fit is good and it’s not too loose before you sew up the end.

With the final seam to sew, leave a large enough opening in the middle to be able to turn it right side out and be able to fit your cushion insert inside.

sequin cushion DIY

Using something pointy but not too sharp, push out the corner of the seams so they look neat.

sewing a sequin cushion

All that is left to do is thread a needle with matching thread and hand sew up the opening.

make your own sequin cushions

These cushions are really easy to make and seeing as sequin cushions are more of a decorative item, rather than one you’d use to take a nap on, you don’t have to worry about adding a zip so you can take them apart to wash. Due to the delicate nature of the fabric a damp cloth is about all you’ll be able to use to clean up any spills anyway.

All that is left to do is to place your funky new sequin cushions on your sofa and wait of the compliments of friend’s asking you where you bought them from.

(This article originally appeared on and has been republished here with permission.)

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