Lalylala VLAD the Vampire Bat Crochet Toy

Lalylala VLAD the Vampire Bat

Meet our latest Lalylala VLAD the Vampire Bat crochet toy. I made him for my son as a birthday present which I started back in February and only just managed to finish it in time for his June birthday. He doesn’t want to call him VLAD and has named him Batsy!

Lalylala Bat

I love the Lalylala patterns and have made the lamb before (details here) so I was keen to try another one. I don’t know what it was though but this one was hard going. Mostly I think it was the yarn which I found in a sale bin for $1 at my local craft store. Bargain I thought, I’ve been looking for a yarn with flecks in it to make the bat Lalylala. The problem was that the yarn was horrible to crochet with and actually squeaked on my crochet hook with almost every stitch. It was like fingernails down a chalkboard and really made it not an enjoyable project to work on.

Then there was the gauge issues and the head I had made nice and tight didn’t fit the black cap so I had to re-do that twice which was also painful.

vampire bat cape

Always up for a challenge and not one to quit I plodded along and managed to finish it in the end. The cape was the best part to make as it was different yarn and the pattern reminded me of the sweet little red riding hood cape (and this dolls version) I made a few years ago.

crochet bat cape

Batsy’s cape has press studs on the points and on his hands so that it stays on while he’s flying around.

boys crochet toy patterns

I do also have an extra head because of my gauge issues so I’ve technically already started another one, that is if the Lalylala heads are all the same!

VLAD Lalylala

The bow tie is adorable and frames his little heart shape face so sweetly.

crochet bat toy pattern

Of course bats like to hang upside down so it’s extra handy to have the snaps on the hands for the cape.

The pattern is, once again, beautifully written with clear pictures and available in so many different languages which is fantastic. I did make a few modifications with only one layer for each ear instead of two as per the pattern and I kept the cape as one layer also. I steamed the cape collar with some starch so that it stays standing up like it’s supposed to.

I love giving handmade gifts and Zenon enjoyed watching me make his toy. He kept me motivated with lots of questions about when his bat would be finished. I teased him in the end and said I wouldn’t have it ready and then secretly finished it and wrapped it up for his birthday. His reaction was priceless.

Have you made any of the Lalylala patterns? Are the heads the same? Which one is on your make list?

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