Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party

tmnt party

Well Dudes, I’m exhausted after our fun filled Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party. With Zenon turning 5 and still loving everything TMNT  it didn’t take long for him to tell us what type of party he wanted this year. Five is such a big milestone with him going to big school next year that we wanted to have a little celebration for him with some of his pre-school friends. The brief was for some fun, not too many friends and not to spend too much money so this is what we created.

teenage mutant ninja turtle party costumes

I purchased some cheap envirocloth from Spotlight which had the perfect colours to use and cut out masks in the TMNT colours. Here is a colour refresher if you’re child isn’t into turtles yet, blue is Leonardo, red is Rafael, purple is Donatello and orange is Michelangelo. Oh and I went and as a bad guy ninja by dressing in all black and lifting up my turtle neck jumper.

tmnt sugar cookies

My lovely friend Rhian from Flyaway Pineapple created some stunning TMNT cookies with each of their faces and some pizzas as well. They were a big hit and didn’t last long at all.

tmnt party table

I hired a small sized helium tank to do a few balloons and attached them to the Leonardo toy that Z boy got for his birthday which looked great on the party table. Some of his other ninja turtle items decorated the table too.

From The Base Warehouse I purchased some lollies in each of the 4 TMNT character colours and filled 4 apothecary jars with them. As the kids were around 4-5 years old I didn’t have the lids on the glass jars this time so they were easier to access.

tmnt party game ideas

We played a few games like the turtle version of pin the tail on the donkey which is stick the pizza on Mikey!

homemade ninja turtle shells

I made 4 turtle shells for my 4 kids to wear by purchasing some foil baking trays from the dollar store and then spray painting them brown. I did one undercoat layer and then two layers of the brown. With two lengths of brown ribbon I hot glued the ribbon to the inside of the tray so they could use that to tie around their chest to keep the “turtle shell” on their backs.

parachute party game

Five years ago I bought this rainbow parachute for a rainbow party the girls had and it comes out at every party we’ve had  ever since for a bit of fun.

party game ideas

We also had a bit of a sack race with these “party hop” sacks which we’ve had for a while too. They were purchased from Spotlight a few years ago when I saw them on sale and when it’s a beautiful sunny day they make a great game outside.

tmnt cake

The cake was made by me and was our own design. Zenon helped choose what he wanted so we ended up with this two tier cake on a fondant pizza base. The top layer with the hexagons is a chocolate mud and the bottom blue layer (because Leonardo the blue ninja turtle is his favourite) was a white chocolate mud cake. The girls had fun helping me make some of the mini pizzas that the little turtle figures could eat so that it looked like they were having a bit of a pizza party on top of the cake.

teenage mutant ninja turtle cake

The top layer was pretty much all eaten at the party but it was nice to have another layer to invite my neighbours over the next day to share some of the bottom tier.

For party food we ordered some $5 pizzas and hubby kindly dashed out to pick them up. It really was a pretty easy party to have and the boys just loved being together. A couple of times I just found them all on the floor playing with Zenon’s ninja turtle toys which was cute. It was good to have a few games but they really didn’t want too much structured play.

pizza lolly bags

For the lolly bags I cut out some mini pizza boxes using my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine. The printer was playing up unfortunately so we didn’t get a chance to do any labels for the top of the boxes though which would have looked good.

mini pizza boxes

The guests each received a mini pizza box with a TMNT wrist band and gummi pizza inside, along with their choice of mask and a lolly pop.

teenage mutant ninja turtle birthday party

It’s been a little while between parties but we were so glad to have made the effort. Our son was so sweet and gracious thanking each of his friends beautifully and smiling from ear to ear the whole party. It wasn’t until after the party that he collapsed in an exhausted heap and I took a migraine tablet and had a nap!

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