DIY Decorated Terracotta Pot


Today I’m sharing a great way to add some colour to your home while immortalising some of your favourite fabrics in a way that lets you enjoy them every day. This DIY project only needs a few supplies, doesn’t take very long and will give you striking results. Pick out that favourite fabric you love but hadn’t ever found the right project and let’s decorate a terracotta pot together.


What you’ll need


  • piece of your prettiest fabric large enough to wrap around your size pot size
  • scissors
  • Mod Podge Glue
  • terracotta pot
  • foam paint brush
  • pins



Place your terracotta pot on top of the piece of fabric and then, using a foam brush, paint a thin later of Mod Podge onto the pot.


Wrap the fabric around the pot and pull it taut. Place a couple of pins in the back to hold the two sides together and keep it flat.


Work the fabric with your hands by stretching and flattening the fabric so that it sticks flat to the pot without any air bubbles. It does dry quickly so you’ll need to work fast. It was hard to photograph this DIY as I wanted to illustrate the process, however I probably lost valuable drying time taking photos instead of making sure it is stretched well so that it sat nice and flat. You won’t have this issue (unless you’re taking lots of photos too!).


Now paint a couple of thin layers of Mod Podge all over the fabric around the outside of the pot but leaving the top and bottom (where it will fold over or under).

TIP – allow the glue to dry completely between each coat and change the direction of your brush stroke each time. For example, paint horizontally, then the next time paint strokes vertically.


Using some scissors trim off the excess at the top and bottom of the pot leaving about 1.5 inches of fabric to fold over to the inside.


Now fold the excess fabric over the top and glue that fabric down with a couple of coats just as you did for the outside.


Allow the glue to dry totally and then you’re ready to pick a suitable plant to plant inside your newly decorated pot. This succulent with its pink edges complemented the pink fabric beautifully. It would look stunning to have a little cluster of decorated pots together in a co-ordinating range of fabric.

So now you don’t need to think of your fabric stash just in terms of sewing. There are many ways, like this one, that you can use fabric in DIY projects and for home decoration.

Do you have some fabric at home that would look beautiful wrapped around a terracotta pot?

(This article originally appeared on and has been republished here with permission.)

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