2016 Year in Review

2016-review crafty mum blog

A belated Happy New Year to you all!

I’ve had a nice break from the blog over Christmas when life just got a bit too hectic and something had to give. I’ve still been crafting though. Crafting is my sanity and I could never give that up!  If you follow me over on Instagram you can always see what I’m up to but December was getting a bit hectic and January just flashed past in a blur. In my seven years of blogging it’s the longest break I’ve had but sometimes you just have to take a step back before you can step forward again. I’m ready now to give my blog some love again and have some lovely projects finished, photographed and ready to share with you very soon.

I did a fair few DIY decorator posts last year with some glass jars, terracotta covered pots, up-cycled teacup garden, a painted step stool, sequin cushions and some rag rug making.

Along with some projects created for Kidspot I had fun creating the watermelon Fimo brooch project for the yearly Etsy Craft Party and my crafty highlight of the year was appearing on live national TV representing Spotlight as their brand ambassador on the Studio 10 morning show.

A few more toys were made like Vlad the bat Lalylala for my son, a crochet flamingo baby gift and a lace dress for one of our little cotton rabbit dolls. I also wrote my first crochet toy pattern for Spotlight to make your own blue tang fish to celebrate the release of the Finding Dory movie.

Our son turned 5 and we had a fun Ninja Turtle party complete with a homemade cake featuring all four of the famous turtle dudes made in fondant.

There was quite a bit of sewing with some project bags (such a great pattern I think I’ve made about 10 now!), pencil roll gift and some homemade dresses. One turned out to be my favourite ever dress so I used the photos for my new blog header!

Lots of knitting happened with a long standing 5ply cardigan finally being completed, my first lace cardigan, beautiful waiting for rain shawl made with my favourite yarn Hedgehog Fibres and my love affair with Stephen West patterns beginning with a hot pink dotted rays shawl I made for a 40th birthday gift.

Wow that is a lot of projects and it’s just what I could fit into 35 boxes, not everything that I’ve actually made in a year!

Why don’t you make a list of everything you’ve made last year or take a look at your Ravelry project page and realise what you’ve actually achieved. Then give yourself a good old pat on the back. Sometimes when we are giving away or even selling our handmade items it’s easy to forget all the things we’ve made so it’s lovely to keep a record of what you’ve completed.

Now I’m off to set some achievable goals for 2017 and what I’d like create this year.

What would you add to your list?

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