Crochet T-shirt Yarn Rug

Crochet t-shirt yarn rug

Over the Christmas break we changed around the kids beds and Miss 12 moved up into her own double bed and out of a king single. We bought her a beautiful new doona set (along with a bed) and lots of new cushions for her room makeover. She cleared out her room (quite KonMari method!) and gone are all her toys and clutter. She has a lovely minimalistic room now with her new bed, bedside table and this crochet t-shirt yarn rug I made her. She does still need a new bedside lamp that one is actually her sisters!


This was made using one and a half balls of 1kg t-shirt yarn, a 5.5mm crochet hook and the SARA Doily Rug pattern by Henna Huczkowski.

Wow it was a workout for your hand and arm. It works up quite quickly being such thick yarn but I found it quite tough on my hands, particularly my thumb so I had to have a bit of a break for a few days to rest my hand before returning to the project. The pattern was larger but I stopped here as I realised I didn’t have enough to complete another whole section and needed to end on the pretty scallops.


She wanted LOTS of pillows and cushions in her room so I took her to pick out some for her birthday and she also went shopping during the holidays with her godmother and she bought her the beautiful big denim looking one with piping on the right.


Greys, naturals, black and neutral tones for her room and they grey t-shirt yarn was a perfect choice to go with her new doona cover which is grey t-shirt fabric too.


I have a few balls of t-shirt yarn around so might make another rug sometime now that I purchased this pattern as I do love how it turned out and I’m pretty sure Miss 12 is too. Although she doesn’t say too much anymore being a tweenager and all but she does spend a lot of time in here now. hahaha!

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