Inara Large Knitted Gradient Wrap

Inara Large Gradient Wrap

After a bit of a break from the blog over Christmas I was sitting at my computer wondering what posts I wanted to put up on my blog to start the year off. I love to keep lists and while looking through some old ones I realised that I had made this beautiful shawl a long time ago and never blogged it because I’d never taken photos. So to start the year off in the right direction (and with my favourite colour) here is one of my favourite makes from last year that I neglected to share with you. Sorry!


This stunning pattern is called the Inara Wrap and is by Australian contemporary knitwear designer Ambah O’Brien. It uses two sets of gradient yarns which gives the shawl it’s overall ombre effect.


I used Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock a beautifully soft and squishy 4ply 100% merino wool in a special set they created especially for Ambah’s pattern. The colours looked so pretty next to each other and were very photogenic lined up like this I had to just look at them like this for a week or so before I could start. I must be addicted to yarn because I think this tray of yarn looks good enough to eat!


With teal being my favourite colour I decided to start with the grey side so that I’d be extra motivated to knit along the colours to reach my most favourite. It worked and this massive shawl which is over 243cms long only took me just over a month to knit. The pattern can be made in three different sizes and I’ve seen some other wonderful versions of this shawl over on Instagram and Ravelry using different coloured gradients and even some using leftover yarn from your stash and they’ve turned out beautifully.

Only a month to knit but nearly a year later to take photos of the finished shawl! The yarn was actually a 2015 Christmas gift from my husband and in this photo you can see how big the shawl really is.


Because it’s so big there are so many different ways you can wear it, I’ve even been able to use it as a bit of a blanket at netball to keep my son warm when he got cold.


The lace sections were quite easy to remember and then the garter sections gave you a nice break from concentrating.


I was actually really sad to finish knitting this project as it was such an enjoyable knit and adding the new gradient colours made seeing how the project was progressing so exciting.


Of course with 12 different colours there were a lot of ends to weave in but I did do some as whilst going along so that there were not too many all left to weave in at the end.


I do have a lot of outfits that I can wear with this shawl and enjoy layering with a warm knitted wrap as I tend go from being hot to cold quite quickly. Must mean I’m a real grown up to wear shawls! haha

They are a great way to dress up an outfit and to add a nice pop of colour, especially when the weather is horrible.


You can find my Ravelry details here.


Whilst knitting the other day my daughter asked what I was making and I said “oh a shawl” to which she replied “don’t you have enough shawls mum!”. So I explained to her that “you can never have too many shawls!”

(P.S. – Besides looking through my archives I’ve only ever made four shawls and one of them was a gift. If you’re after a shawl pattern here are some other great ones – NardooWaiting for Rain, Allira, Dotted Rays)

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