Make it Yourself Macramé Wall Hanging

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Make it Yourself Macrame Wall Hanging

macrame square knot wall hanging

Spotlight is the home of National Craft Month and for the 3rd year we are partnering up to share some crafty inspiration to get you all making. This year they’re dubbing it the “Make it Yourself” movement (or M.I.Y.) because when you get crafty that’s basically what it’s all about… making it yourself!

During Spotlight’s National craft month everyone is encouraged to pop into Spotlight from 1- 31st of March and join the make it yourself movement by sharing your creations with us all on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #craftmonth & #makeityourself and/or attending some of the different in store events or trying out some of the online projects. Here are two that I created for Spotlight and had fun being a “crafty hand model” for recently.

Each week has had a different theme like – Make it for Kids which is one of my favourite categories being a mum of 4, Make it for Giving something I always do for new babies and for friends that appreciate handmade, Make it a Party with personalised party tips for some one stop shopping at Spotlight for all your party supplies including balloons, cake decorating, costumes, decorations and seriously everything available to help you make it yourself.

Week 4 is Make it for Home which is my week with tips on home decoration, room makeovers, upcyling and some family favourites as I’ve demonstrated today – macramé!


I’m going to show you how to create a stunning macramé wall hanging for your home with the help of a few videos below.

crafters choice macrame cord

First I’ll run you through the supplies list and the great thing about macramé square knot wall hanging is that you don’t need much at all! Spotlight has just released this fantastic metallic macramé cord (both instore and you can shop this range online at which comes in 3 colours dark grey, biscuit and off white.


  • 2 x Crafters Choice Metallic Macramé Cord 6mm Dark Grey 100% cotton (50m)
  • Curtain rod
  • Scissors

 Make it Yourself Macramé Wall Hanging Project

  • Cut 18 x lengths of your macramé cord 4.4 metres long for a large size wall hanging

macrame set up knot

  • Fold each length in half and then place loop over the curtain rod. Pull both ends of the working cord down through the inside of the loop to attach the macramé cord to the rod and to have the top knot loops set up so that the knots face you.
  • Continue until all 18 lengths are attached to the curtain rod.


For this macramé wall hanging the only knot you will need to know is the left facing square knot. It is one of the most fundamental macramé knots.

macrame square knot how to

  • Begin with 4 cords. Treat the middle 2 cords as the filler cords and the outer 2 cords as the working cords.
  • Let’s call the 4 cords A, B, C & D.
  • Bend cord A and leaving a gap cross it over the filler cords (B & C) and then behind cord D.
  • Pass cord B behind the filler cords and bring it out to the front through the left loop of cord A.
  • Gently pull cords A and B to the right and left respectively. The knot is now half made.

macrame left facing square knot video

  • For the second half of the knot repeat steps 1-3 but reverse the way you cross the cords as shown.
  • Firmly tighten – the knot cord D forms the vertical bar on the left edge of the hanging. You have just completed a left facing square knot.

left facing square knot

Continue making your left facing square knots in rows along your project using 4 cords at a time always treating the middle 2 as filler cords and the outer 2 as working cords.

spotlight national craft month home hacks

Then with your next row below use 2 cords from one knot and then 2 cords from the knot next to it. On every second row you will have 2 cords on the outer edge at either side that are not worked. You can either finish your project in a straight line or in a point as I have by doing 1 less knot on either side on each row.

diy macrame wall hanging

When you have finished all your knots you have options with trimming your left over cord. With this project I trimmed the two cords next to each knot at the same height as that knot so that the cords are shaped up in a diagonal on each side, however you could just trim them all in a straight line.

That is all there is to it. It’s so easy and really a great way to decorate a plain wall with something you’ve made yourself.

macrame wall hanging how to

I love how this turned out and will be trying out a few more macramé knots now that I’ve found a new love for this craft that I learnt back in Primary School. Especially now I know where I can get a good supply of macramé cord too.

So come on, get making and join Spotlight’s Make it Yourself Movement. I’d love to hear from you if you create one of these wall hangings or it inspires you to try some macramé.

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