Pink PussyHat Project

Pink PussyHat Project

When I heard about the Pink PussyHat Project and everyone making pink PussyHats for the Women’s March in Washington D.C. that was on January 21st 2017 to support women’s rights I knew that I had to make some for my daughters and myself. Not that we would be there in America for the march but as a female and a crafter to show my support for the project.

The Washington march drew an amazing 500,000 people and worldwide participation has been estimated at five million! Pink PussyHats have even made their way in Museums around the world. It’s a BIG thing and in my little way I want to be part of it.

hot pink pussy hat

Wearing pink together made a powerful statement that we are unapologetically feminine. The name for the hat came as a way of reclaiming the often derogatory term “pussy” as a means of empowerment.  It’s a bit of a play on Donald Trump’s widely reported 2005 remarks that women would let him “grab them by the pussy”. The top corners of the hat resemble cat ears and this pattern can be made in many different yarn weights and with four females in our house I have reason to make many.

pussy hat project

The main free pattern that everyone used for the march is on Ravelry here or there is this pattern that I actually used which has instructions for four different gauges (dk, worsted, bulky and superbulky). I chose some candy pink Hedgehog Fibres Sock yarn from my stash in the colour Naive which I actually held double to make it an 8ply or DK weight and cast on 116 stitches.

pussy hat in hedgehog fibres

The  2 x 2 rib brim is a nice long length (over 4 inches) so the hat fits snuggly to your head before the ears pop out at the top. I didn’t follow the original pattern exactly, instead I finished the top edge with a nice kitchener stitch so that you can’t even see the join at the top.

pink pussy hat

This Pink PussyHat Project I was actually knitting for myself but asked my daughter to model it for some photos on a recent trip to the beach. I think it looks better on her and just makes her eyes pop. Anyway I’m making a few more now so we can swap them around between us when we feel like it.

pussy cat hat

Have you made a pink pussyhat project yet? Which pattern did you use? What yarn did you choose? I’d love you to add me as a friend over on Ravelry so I can check them out.

Yours in pink crafty girl power!

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