Maleficent Crochet Hat

Maleficent Crochet Hat

And her name was Maleficent!

Missy wanted to be something unique for school Book Week parade and I remembered seeing a pattern for a Maleficent hat on Ravelry and adding it to my very long wish list. Silly me suggested it before even thinking if I’d have time in my super busy schedule to actually make it and of course once I had suggested Maleficent as a costume idea nothing else quite matched up to the same standard for her.

book week ideas

There was some argument in our house with sisters about whether Maleficent was actually a book or a movie and we did some research and discovered that yes it was a book and she does also feature in some books.

maleficent hat pattern

The pattern I used is called Maleficent Inspired Hat by Serena Gunter and you can purchase it over at Ravelry for $6.00 USD. It’s for sizes from babies through to large adult so it would actually be great not only for book week but for a Halloween costume too.

crochet maleficent horns

The pattern calls for 10ply yarn and a 6mm needle. I actually used 2 balls of 8ply Panda Feltable Wool which I had in my stash that I’d purchased from Spotlight and a 5.5mm crochet hook for the child size and it fitted her perfectly. The only changes I made were to crochet the horns a bit bigger and instead of finishing on round 16 I continued to round 22 to make the horns a bit bigger.

crochet maleficent hat

I put stuffing inside some black stocking socks so that you couldn’t see the white stuffing poking out and then actually cut a wire coathanger in half and used half for each horn bending it around to help shape and stabilise the horns before sewing them to the body of the hat.

maleficent crochet hat pattern

If you’ve watched the movie (which we love) you’ll know that Maleficent isn’t really bad she was just double crossed and after that forever misunderstood. She actually has a good heart.

This crochet Maleficent hat didn’t actually take too long to make in the end but I recommend making it during the day as it’s hard to crochet black at night. I managed to make this over two nights (mostly one really after she woke up and I could check the fit) and then as I’d run out of time to make my own I purchased some feather wings at Spotlight (being so last minute I was very lucky they were on sale!) and her Bookweek costume was done.

She was happy to be the only Maleficent there. My one and only beasty.

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