Spotlight’s National Craft Month – March 2018

Spotlight's National Craft Month - March 2018


Last weekend I had the pleasure of representing Spotlight on Live TV to promote National Craft Month in March. This year it’s all about #craftingtogether so we chose three exciting and popular crafts to demonstrate on The Today Show with Allison Langdon or Ally as she prefers to be called on TV.


In case you missed the live coverage here is a link to a copy of the video where I demo some macrame, giant knitting and cake decorating. You may hear Ally speak of some amazing statistics about the most popular craft – knitting & crochet: Spotlight’s sales figures show that over 150,000,000 (that’s 150 million!) metres of yarn were sold this financial year. Did you know that is enough to circle the earth 3.75 times! While no figures are actually confirmed about whether that is just in peoples “stashes” or it has actually been knitted/crocheted up that is still an amazing amount of yarn! Wow

cake decorating demonstration

Cake decorating comes in at number 4 and I demo some buttercream blending techniques and chocolate bark decorations on a half completed cake. Ally seemed to enjoy this craft and expressed an interest in pursuing cake decorating. It’s hard with the limited time of the segment but maybe she was a little heavy handed with the icing bag, hehe!

chocolate shard cake

Here’s a close up of the completed cake I made to demonstrate what you can achieve. So much work for 4 minutes on TV I have to put a clear photo up! Love these colours together and chose them to show up well on TV, plus teal is my favourite colour.

Macrame demonstration

Macrame was hard to demonstrate on TV without someone to hold the yarn/cord up but I’ll try and do a blog post about this pretty celebration macrame garland I made for the show in case you’d like to make one. You can find a previous macrame demo on my blog here.

Lorelei Barkley Craftsmumship

Cake yarns are still popular coming in at number 7 so I wore my crochet virus shawl for the show made from a Caron Cake for the One Ball Challenge I completed for Spotlight a while ago now. You can find more details about this shawl and the yarn here.

Mermaids and Unicorns are still popular crafts coming in the top 10 and I recently organised a very successful Unicorn Party so I’ll have to blog some of those details for you soon.

Thanks for all your lovely messages of support from those that watched the show, it really meant a lot to me. Happy National Craft Month and I hope you get a chance to visit your local Spotlight to participate in a class or pick up some new supplies to craft together with someone. I never stop learning and I get a great sense of satisfaction from teaching others what I know. Funny after my mum taught me to knit when I was young now I’m teaching her new ways of doing things and new developments in knitting. Let’s share our crafty knowledge with others both young and old and have some fun together in the process!


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