Unicorn Knitted Toy

Unicorn Knitted Toy

Meet Nilla the Unicorn knitted toy! When I first met one at Knit August Nights I knew I had to buy a kit from Bleating Art Yarns who was selling them and make one for my unicorn loving daughter.

The kit was fantastic and had all the supplies I needed inside including the eyes and the silver stellina for her mane so it was very easy to complete the only thing that I needed to add was some toy filling and to pop over to Ravelry and purchase the pattern.

knitted unicorn toy

She really was a pleasure to knit and especially with such beautiful hand dyed yarn that I knitted her up in no time at all. Great yarn is always a good motivator!

knitted unicorn

The pattern was well written with lots of photos and pretty easy to construct as it’s knitted in the round. The Nilla the Unicorn knitted toy pattern is by Rachel Borello Carroll and is knitted in a worsted / 10ply yarn so very quick to make.

knitted unicorn pattern

She ends up being about 14 inches tall or 35cms and would look so cute in many different colour combinations.

handdyed yarn unicorn

Doing the mane and tail was the most fun and these pieces were already pre-cut which was great. I loved adding all the colours and making it extra fluffy, I think she looks really cute with a very full mane and tail.

nilla the unicorn

I finished this unicorn knitted toy in time to gift her to my daughter for her birthday and she was actually having a unicorn themed birthday party so it was extra sweet to have a homemade unicorn to give to her for her 9th birthday.

handmade unicorn toy

I hope she never grows out of mermaids and unicorns. Alas I know she will so I’ll just have to soak up as much cuteness while I can. If you love unicorns or have a daughter or friend who does keep an eye out as I’ll share some of the cute things we made for her unicorn party on the blog soon.

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