Birthday Cookie Cake

Birthday cookie cake

This time last week it was my birthday and when it’s my birthday there are two essentials – birthday cards and cake!

Having a birthday on Good Friday proved a bit of stumbling block as I hadn’t had time to get all the ingredients I needed to make my own cake and nothing was open. When Saturday rolled around I went straight to the shops to grab all my ingredients and decorations to try a new type of birthday cake.

cookie cake recipe

I’d spotted Birthday Cookie Cakes over on Instagram and really thought they were a great new trend to try out. Most cookie cakes are numbers for big birthday celebrations like 16, 18, 21, 40, 50 etc, however, mine wasn’t a big birthday this year so I decided to create an “L” for my name, Lorelei.

Cookie cake

I love doing cursive L’s and it reminds me of the TV show Laverne and Shirley where Laverne always wore a top with a cursive L on it. You can make any shape you want really, just make sure it fits on your cookie tray that fits into your oven. Just draw out your shape on some baking paper so that you have a template to help you cut out your cookie dough to make two giant cookies exactly the same shape.

Cookie cakes are also sometimes referred to as Cream Tarts or Cream Cakes and are the brainchild of Israeli baker Adi Klinghofer, you should definitely take a look at her Instagram feed for some spectacular creations.

Basically, this new type of cakes is two layers of a giant cookie with a sandwich and topping of a thick or stabilised cream which are then decorated with anything from fresh flowers, edible flowers, macrons, lollies and fresh fruit. Decorating cookie cakes is the most fun and really you can let your creativity shine here and use some beautiful coloured decorations. Of course, I chose my two favourite colours – teal and pink.

cookie cake instructions

The recipe I followed was from Love Swah and it uses a white chocolate ganache icing which is basically ganache with cream cheese added. It is delicious and when my family ate some of my birthday cake they said it reminded them of the taste of a cheesecake which they all love.

A lot of these cakes are done with a large-sized plain piping tip, however, I didn’t have one so I used a Wilton 1E tip as it was the largest size I had. I think it gives a lovely effect and it gives some nice crevices to help hold the smaller decorations.

how to make a cookie cake

My main decorations were three teal macrons, some pretty bright pink miniature roses (rinsed first), rose petals, edible confetti pink heart sprinkles, leftover candy covered Easter eggs, some 4mm teal cachous and some icing flowers.

Making this cake is pretty easy and really lots of fun without a lot of the stress of bigger cakes however it still makes a very grand statement. The bonus is it tastes great too and they’re so easy to personalise. I can’t wait for an excuse to make another one.

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