Unicorn Birthday Cake

unicorn birthday cake

Unicorns are still a very popular theme so even though I made this unicorn birthday cake a year ago I thought it was still a great one to share here on the blog.

pretty unicorn cake

The most popular unicorn cake design is the one you see everywhere. You know the one, a tall buttercream covered cake with colourful buttercream swirls for the mane and fondant ears and horn inserted in the top. Usually, they have a black painted line for eyes with eyelashes on. I’ve even seen acrylic ears and a horn to insert into your own cake if you’re looking for something easy and quick.

how to make a unicorn cake topper

Not being one for the “easy” way I decided to make a little unicorn cake topper. I found a picture on Pinterest and set to work with some gum paste to create this cute little gal for the top of my daughter’s birthday cake. Just looking for a link to share with you for my original inspirational image and I just found this tutorial which should help you a lot to recreate this unicorn cake topper.

unicorn cake topper

Using a few strategically placed toothpicks and some edible glue she managed to set nicely and stay together for the party. I like her cartoon-like appearance and I think it’s cuter than some of the unicorns that look too horse-like and real. She was only turning 9 so cute was still appropriate.

unicorn cake ideas

I used some pretty flowers and sprinkle mix to help decorate the top and to disguise the joins in her mane.

unicorn cake

The cake was a semi-naked chocolate with buttercream icing. It was then “painted” with matching stripes swept into the outside in the same colours used for the mane. I finished off the top with some magical edible glitter to match the pretty sparkly backdrop.

unicorn party

I used a silver sequin tablecloth which we had from a previous years princess party and decorated the party table with unicorn cake pops which I made with little horns and flowers on top of round white cake pops. Other delights were some of her favourite treats like musk sticks, marshmallows, lollypops and unicorn iced cookies.

Perfect for a magical birthday.

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