My Favourite Knitted Cardigan

my favourite knitted cardigan

My Favourite knitted cardigan is a fantastic pattern by my friend Georgie from Tikki Knits. I’ve made a kids version (Granny’s Favourite) of this before in red so knew how fantastic it was. I believe that this knit was the first long sleeve adult sized cardigan I’ve ever knitted so quite a big achievement for me at the time.

australian knitwear designer Tikki Knits

I actually started this project in August 2015 and finished it in December of the same year but never shared pictures here before (these were taken 3 years ago but I didn’t really like them so I was going to take more. I never got around to it so here they are now!). Having three more years of knitting experience I have learnt a lot since then and could have made it better. It’s a little large on me so I don’t wear it that often but if I had swatched my yarn first I could have made the right size for me.

zig zag lace yoke cardigan

The yarn is from Bendigo Woollen Mills and is Stellar 8ply in the colour tanzanite. It is definitely an over garment for me as I do find the yarn a bit on the scratchy side. Lovely and warm though and when you want some extra layers an oversized cardigan is the perfect answer.

granny's favourite in adult size

You can see through the shoulders there is just too much fabric for my liking and it kind of gathers a bit on me.

grannys favourite cardigan

My first kids sized Granny’s Favourite turned out perfectly and has actually been worn by all three of my daughters now. I’m always happy to knit for my eldest daughter as I know it can be passed down to two more when it doesn’t fit her anymore!

favourite knitting cardigan pattern


Sometimes knitting projects are just there to help you learn and progress through your knitting journey. They aren’t perfect but you still love them and you’re happy that they were made.


my favourite cardigan I’m sure I’ll knit another one sometime and I’ll make sure it fits me better. Let this blog post be a lesson for everyone though that swatching your yarn first is worth its weight in gold. xo

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