Soccer Ball Cake

soccer ball cake

A soccer ball cake was requested for my son’s birthday so I took up the challenge. I’ve made a few 3D cakes before (castle, Alice and Batman) and love making them but the idea of trying to make a perfect sphere was a tad daunting!

soccer cake

I think I hit a goal thought with it don’t you? Want to know my secret?

how to make a soccer ball cake

It’s half a cake and half a styrofoam ball! Making a whole armature to hold a 3D cake was new to me and I had to make a trip to Bunnings to collect parts that even my husband didn’t know what they were.

round cake

A ganache finish to the cake also gave it a nice hard surface and helped create the perfect sphere. I love learning new techniques in cake decorating or knitting and my go-to resource is Craftsy. Actually the company has just been renamed Bluprint but they still have all the fabulous content that I’ve watched and enjoyed over the years.

sphere cake

The course is called “Sculpting Essentials: The Perfect Sphere” with Kimberly Bailey who is a great down to earth teacher who gives clear concise instructions and you can find it here under Cake Decorating.

soccer ball party cake

With only a few friends and family joining us for his birthday half a ball of actual cake was the perfect size too. I added some green buttercream to the bottom and flicked it with a fork to make it look like the soccer ball was on grass.

soccer birthday party ideas

I was pretty nervous carrying the cake outside to sing happy birthday and a couple of kids gave it a poke not believing that it was an actual cake. Eeek! It held up pretty well though and our birthday boy was very happy with it. He loves his soccer and was very happy to run around with some friends and play a game or two to celebrate his special day.

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