Twisted Rose Cushion

Twisted Rose Cushion

Twisted Rose Cushion

Skill level – Intermediate

cushion cover making supplies

What You’ll Need

  • 1 metre of Peacock Shot Cotton Fabric
  • cushion insert
  • 30cm co-ordinating zip
  • pinking shears
  • rotary cutter
  • cutting mat
  • plastic quilting ruler
  • tailor’s chalk
  • sewing thread



Lay out your fabric on your cutting mat and measure/cut a piece width ways across your fabric measuring 18” x 38”

Fold in half along the longest edge and press the halfway point with your iron.

Using tailor’s chalk draw a circle in the top right-hand corner near the fold

TIP – Make sure the circle only starts half an inch in from the side seam which you will sew later. You can mark this line with tailor’s chalk to help you remember

Mark out strips of fabric widthways across your fabric. Use tailor’s chalk to mark the lines and then cut along them with your pinking shears.

cutting fabric strips for twisted fabric roses

Cut out six strips of fabric in the following measurements. – 2 x 1.5” wide, 2 x 2” wide, 2 x 2.5”

Start with your widest strip by folding it in half matching long sides and then start to twist the fabric strip. Fold the very beginning of the strip under and start lining the twisted strip along the chalk circle line you made earlier.

machine sewing twisted roses

With a straight stitch sew along the inside edge of the twisted strip to attach it to the fabric cushion piece. Continue twisting the fabric and sewing it down so that it spirals all the way into the centre of the circle.

pinking shears

When you reach the middle cut the fabric end with the pinking shears and sew it down to secure it.


If you finish a strip of fabric but need more just start with a new strip over the top of where the previous one ended.

home decorating ideas

Continue marking different sized circles with chalk and using different width strips to create more twisted roses around your fabric until you’re happy with the result. Odd numbers of roses look best so aim for 3 or 5 of varying sizes.

making your own cushion covers

Insert your zipper at the bottom edge and then open up the zip so you can turn your cushion piece inside out (so that right sides are together) and you can sew up the side seams.

rose cushion covers

Put your cushion insert inside your new cushion cover and you’re all finished. There are so many possibilities with taking this twisted rose idea further using different fabrics, sized and amounts of roses.

I hope you enjoy making some for yourself.

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