Squared One Instagram Fridge Magnets

Squared One Instagram Fridge Magnets

Most of you here would know that I LOVE Instagram. I love the visual way it connects me with other crafters from all around the world. Twitter even with its 140 character limit seems like hard work to me but sharing a cute picture on Instagram really makes me happy. When I was contacted by a company called Squared One and offered some free magnets to review on my blog I said yes please!

Squared One Fridge Magnets

Their website was pretty easy to navigate and when I logged into my Instagram account I could then pick which photos I wanted printed as little magnets. Deciding was probably the hardest part but I wanted to make sure I had the same amount of each child as well as family photos I want to remember and of course all our adorable animals. Extra votes went to photos with any family member wearing items I had made.

You can upload other photos from your library that aren’t on your instagram too which is great and then you can edit the pictures to move and resize them to your liking. I just find that all my favourite photos are on instagram already

squared photo magnets

The company Squared One is based overseas but offers worldwide shipping and it was remarkably fast for my magnets to arrive. They came beautifully packaged to protect them and were a bit larger than previous magnets I’d ordered from other companies. What I do really like about them is the gloss finish and the no border edge. I use them on my magnetic whiteboard in my sewing room and on one of the most popular items in the house – the fridge! It’s a beautiful daily reminder for all that I’m so grateful for.

instagram magnets

Obviously you can use your magnets on other metal surfaces like a filing cabinet but I love mine on my fridge and whiteboard. The kids love to re-arrange the magnets and write little stories or anecdotes next to them. Love this one I found on my whiteboard made by my daughter about the story of our family and doggies.

Do you LOVE Instagram as much as me? Would you like some Squared One magnets? Love to hear your thoughts and ideas about other places for them.

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