Ombre Dance Costume

ombre dance costume

As some of you know my daughter dances. Yes I suppose I’m kind of a dance Mum but not like the ones on TV!

Being a seamstress as well I love being able to make her solo dance costumes myself and when she started learning a new ocean inspired contemporary dance in the holidays I was excited about having an excuse to get creative with fabric.

design master sprays from Koch and Co

Another reason why I was excited to be working with fabric again was that I was approached by Koch & Co to collaborate on a creative post of my choice. Knowing that they stocked these Design Master sprays I jumped at the chance to have some sent to me to try out. I  ended up using 2 of the Colortool Sprays and 2 of the TintIt Sprays which both have a satin finish are multi-use and fast drying.

These sprays can be used for so many purposes like colouring coated and uncoated paper stock, chipboard, canvas, Styrofoam, staining wood, to dye fresh and silk flowers, no pile fabrics, trims to name a few.  You can also color glass and ceramics in a sheer tinted glaze.

TintIt comes in 10 colours and ColorTool comes in 50 colours including 4 metallic hues like antique gold, brilliant gold, brilliant silver and copper. It’s acid free and non-toxic when dry. I tested my proposed ombre spraying on plain white lycra and then washed it on a colour cycle in my washing machine with no resulting fading.

create your own ombre fabric

After testing the fabric I cut out the pieces to my pattern in the white lycra and also a piece of stretch mesh to see how that took the sprays. You could either cut out the pieces before spraying or trace around the pattern marking the pieces out on the fabric and spray before cutting them out however I feel you’d waste more of the spray that way.

how to ombre fabric

The colours ranged from a nice deep sapphire blue to a jade to add a bit more green and then into the lighter colours of ice blue and blue sky. When spraying the pieces I thought about where the fabric would sit on her body so that you could see the full ombre effect. With the pants I used more layers of spray to get a nice intense/saturated colour.

washable ombre fabric painting

For the top of the costume I stopped spraying near the top edge to leave some white to represent the foamy white splashes of the ocean.

ombre fabric at home

Here are all the final pattern pieces sprayed and ready to dry which takes literally no time at all. You could press your fabric to have it flatter however I didn’t mind the uneven effect like the lines of the ocean.

All that was left to do now was to sew all the pieces together!

ocean inspired dance costume

Here is the completed costume which was made using pattern CKC Patterns – Canyon’s Dance Costume. To compliment the changing colours of the ombre Design Master sprays I used three layers of stretch mesh for a little side skirt in royal blue, teal and aqua blue. The stretch mesh fabric will flow beautifully like water when she dances in it.

I decided to add a wave outline on the top and I’m really happy that I changed my mind and did that as it gives a lovely unique focus to the costume.

dance costume design

I love the back of this design and you can see how beautifully the skirt matches the colours in the pants.

dance costume headwear

For her hair I used a light blue starfish which I hot glued on top of some stretch mesh which I’d also sprayed to give it some stiffness and a matching light blue colour. The millinery netting or veiling in white added a great finishing touch to the dance headwear design and I hot glued it all onto an alligator clip so that it was easy to put on and take off quickly for dance costume changes at dance competitions.

ocean dance costume

Here are some photos of her first time wearing the new ocean inspired dance costume I created on stage. It looked stunning and received some great comments from the judge.

lyrical dance costume

Ombre which is the French word for colour that is shaded or has a graduated tone is a lovely design feature in this costume and I feel it helped give the feeling of water and the ocean which was the costume brief from her choreographer.

homemade dance costume

This is one of my favourite photos from her performance as you can see the headpiece and the beautiful back of the dance costume.

Design Master Sprays are mostly used in floristry and Koch and Co is a great supplier of a complete range of event and wedding decorations, floristry supplies, artificial flowers, gift wrapping, soft toys, candles etc. They are based in Auburn NSW however they also have a fully stocked online store which is very easy to navigate and use. So if you’re interested in getting some Design Master sprays of your own you can find the link to the Koch & Co website here.

Have you used Design Master Sprays before? Have you tried them on fabric? What would you like to use them for?

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