Our New Labradoodle Puppy

Labradoodle puppy

Meet our beautiful new Labradoodle puppy named Buffy!

miniature chocolate labradoodle

She is sweet, smart, loving, funny and oh so soft and cuddly. She’s everything our last Labradoodle was but with a different personality. We lost our beloved Labradoodle Tsubi at Christmas to a tumour.

Tsubi the labradoodle

She was 15 years old so she’d been such a massive part of our lives and shared every special event with us over that time. We hardly ever went on holiday without her and she was there for our wedding and for the home births of two of our children. After having a dog in our lives for so long it was ever so lonely at home without one. I knew that she could never be replaced but as the days went on I knew we wouldn’t last long without a dog in the house and I was so desperate for a distraction from my broken heart.

You may remember seeing her on the blog before in some of these posts – doggy birthday cake and knitted dog jumper.

My husband organised this beautiful plaque for her little headstone, living on acreage we were able to have her buried in the garden where she loved to play.

australian labradoodle

We visited a pretty local breeder to see what their dogs were like but ended up feeling like they were a puppy farm and we were just money and a number to them. I didn’t want that, this was a very important family member we were considering and I wanted the experience of choosing one to reflect that.

On the sad drive home from this breeder we happened to look at the Labradoodle Association’s website and noticed they had a page listing their registered breeders. We called La Maison Labradoodles and when we spoke to Chary the owner we immediately felt like she cared about us, our loss of Tsubi, our hunt for another perfect family member and got very excited finding out that she had a current litter with perhaps the perfect puppy for us.

chocolate labradoodle

Buffy was chosen for us after we had many long conversations about our family and needs and also filled out a questionnaire. It wasn’t a long wait but an exciting one for a few weeks until she was 8 weeks and old and old enough to fly from Wagga Wagga to Sydney to join our family. It was the longest day driving down to the airport and watching her plane land and the drive home was so hard as all we wanted to do was cuddle her and get to know her.

labradoodle puppy

She was born on the 30th of October so pretty close to Halloween so we named her Buffy after Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’ve got to say it was much easier to pick Tsubi’s name with only my husband and I to give opinions! With four children it took a long time and there were a lot of names quickly shot down that other members of the family liked.

La Maison Labradoodles

You can follow Buffy our Labradoodle puppy and her life journey over at her own instagram account @the_fluffy_buffy

She has melted her way into our all our hearts already and shares her love around equally to all our family members. Now school is back I’m so glad to have someone at home to keep me company. If you have any questions about Buffy or Labradoodles please comment below.


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