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You’ll find some great inspirational ideas here at Craftsmumship. I’ll share beautiful yarns and fabrics that will bring you joy to work with and I share some great patterns from designers that you may not know about yet. Find out what’s hot in the big wide world of crafts.

Launched back in 2010 as a place for creatives and wannabe creatives to come and find inspiration and to give some new crafts a go. From what started as mainly sewing, the Craftsmumship blog has grown into a wider variety of crafts with everything from spinning to cookie decorating. If you’re always searching for ideas to make your kid’s party spectacular or templates for creating seasonal gifts for the kids to give out at school then you’ll feel right at home here. You love the feeling when someone says: did you make that?” Your kids and family come first but being creative and crafty is a close second. You crave time to make things and get into the meditative zone of ‘just one more row’ or ‘just one more seam’ without realising it’s 1am already.

If you love knitting, finding awesome patterns, hooking a few stitches, learning a few more, making new baby gifts for friends or having a personal bake-off in the kitchen this is the perfect blog for you to subscribe to.

You’ll find fresh new ideas, achievable crafts and projects to challenge and hone your crafty skills. You’ll meet crafty friends along the way and hopefully we can all share a virtual coffee break together. Maybe you’ll be inspired to start your own crafty gathering with like-minded people in your area.

After 6 years of blogging, you may have seen my posts on Kidspot, project pages over at Spotlight, met me at crafty events or even seen me giving demonstrations on TV!

I always loved sewing, baking and making things however when I became a mum my crafting became obsessive with all the little humans we’d made needing clothes and toys. By the time our third daughter was born I really wanted a way to keep track of all the things I was making and patterns/fabrics I had used. Once I began blogging I didn’t want to stop and really enjoyed recording my creations online for people to follow along with. So I suppose my blog started as a way to keep sane after becoming a mum and it still satisfies that need by giving me more reasons to create and improve the way I make records of those items.

Being a mum to three sweet daughters and a very cute son, I get asked a lot where I find the time to make all my projects. I make time as it’s my passion foremost, but it’s also a great outlet that allows some ‘me’ time. I’m also blessed with a loving and supportive husband who inspires me to be creative and encourages me with my crafts, along with this blog.

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I hope you find my blog a place to stimulate your own crafty imagination. Love…